About us
About us

     Since 1979, PLH Inc (USA) has become the world leading Western Red Cedar Infrared Sauna manufacturer and established the brand Healthmate as #1 Infrared Sauna brand. In 1999, to further expand the business and to become multidimensional company, PLH Inc setup Pacific Cedary Supply in city of Yantai, China. Along with new operation in China, PLH Inc setup sourcing office in Vancouver, Canada, distribution center in Germany, and sales office in Korea. Steady expansion has thus strengthened the identity of Pacific Cedar Supply as independent brand and leading manufacturer of Western Red Cedar products.
        Pacific Cedar Supply was setup to function as manufacfuring base for PLH lnc and to become independent manufacturer of Western Red Cedar products. Additional expandion in China has led to 2 fully equipped sawmill with sawing capacity of 5,000m3 per month, 32 kiln rooms with 5,000m3 per month drying capacity, and 2,000m3 per month manufacturing capacity. 
        Pacific Cedar Supply is also equipped with 10 full lines dedicated to FingerJointing and Laminating, slicing and drying machinery for veneer, priming and stain booth, and 2 full assembly lines dedicated for sauna, furniture, and garden products" Automated chop-saw line was added in 20OB to further increase manufacturing efficiency while maintaining high level of quality for all products.
        Pacific Cedar Supply is dedicated to manufacturing only the highest quality Western Red Cedar products and meeting the demand of the market. From exterior sidings to interior paneling, raw and primed FJEG products, premium clear rough sawn lumber, engineered products and many more, Pacific Cedar Supply is the leading Western Red Cedar manufacturer in the indstury. Also not only Western Red Cedar but other species such as Western Hemlock, Spruce & SPF, Yellow Cedar, and many more are manufactured and offered in various product lines. Furthermore, Pacific Cedar Supply offers various services related to custom sawing, specialty products, and project works.
        Pacific Cedar Supply offers the best of what Western Red Cedar and other natural woods have to offer. Please visit our homepage www.pacific-cedar.com or contact us directly to learn about how Pacific Cedar Supply can satisfy your lumber need.